• Step 1 Personal data
  • Step 2 Event data
  • Step 3 Payment data
  • Step 4 Travel data

You will now start your registration process. Firstly, you will fill in your personal details, secondly the details relating to your participation in the WBSMadrid2020. Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 you will access a screen to verify that the information collected is correct, after which you will be able to make the payment.

Once you have paid you will receive an email with the link to make your hotel reservation and the invitation letter for the processing of your visa, if necessary. Finally, when you have the data, please include your flight data so that we can provide better assistance and provide transportation from the hotel to the airport and vice versa.

Personal data
Please be sure to enter the date in European format, "day/month/year" is important to be able to correctly generate the invitation letter.